2024 Spring & Summer Hair Colour Trends

We sat down with our team of expert colourists to get their predictions on the top hair colour trends to try right now, from soft blonde to rich brunette.

If you’re looking for the best hair colour ideas to refresh your look for spring and summer, you’ve come to the right place. With sunny days ahead of us, we asked our team of colourists for their top picks for this season’s best hair colour trends to try right now. Whether you want to soften your shade, add some subtle dimension, or go for a completely new hue, read on to discover some of the hottest trending hair colours and learn how to get them at home.

Honey Blonde

Why We Love It

Sometimes referred to as cozy blonde, this lived-in shade of blonde effortlessly blends warm beige and golden tones for a luxe, natural-looking finish. We love this hair colour for the summer as it breathes new life into medium to dark blonde hair colours. Honey Blonde is also more low-maintenance than lighter shades of blonde, making it approachable for any skill level to achieve at home.

Woman with Honey Blonde hair.

Who It's Best For

Warm hair colours like Honey Blonde are some of the most universally flattering hair colours on all skin tones and eye colours. This particular shade works well on anyone who has medium to dark blonde hair or highlights who wants to take a more golden approach to their look.

How to Get It & Keep It

Starting with a medium or dark blonde base, ask your colourist to add golden or golden pearl tones to your formula. You can also add highlights to help elevate your look by adding a subtle shimmer throughout your hair. If you already have highlights or want to try Honey Blonde with less commitment, our Tint Rinse colour-enhancing treatment in Warm Beige will help add a softer golden tone to your look. Colour Pro Toner in Glorious Golden can also help add a golden sheen to any hair colour.

Merlot Red

Why We Love It

This radiant shade of red oozes elegance and makes any style look chic. Merlot Red is a colour that represents power and ambition, and we expect nothing less when sporting this hue in the spring and summer months. This trending shade is also vibrant enough for some fun in the sun but it’s easy to go darker when you’re ready to change things up for the fall. This red hair colour does it all!

Woman with Merlot Red hair.

Who It's Best For

Merlot Red can be easily amped up or down to fit your exact skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour goals. If you have warm undertones with pale skin, then ask your colourist to enhance the red and copper undertones of this look. If your olive, tan, or brown skin has warm undertones, you may want to go for a richer mahogany or dark auburn finish.

How to Get It & Keep It

If you’re starting with a medium to dark blonde base colour, ask your colourists to add copper golden tones for a radiant red finish. If your base is darker, adding these tones will still give your hair a warm glow. For softer, copper rose tones on medium to dark blonde bases, ask for copper mahogany in your formula to add a muted reddish tone. For more subtle coppers on dark blonde or light brown bases, try a copper ash tone in your hair dye. 

Red hair colours are known to fade quicker than other shades so enhancing your hair care routine with Tint Rinse will help extend the life of your copper colour hair colour. Tint Rinses can be mixed and matched together to create your custom hue, too! Try Golden and Copper Tint Rinses for a warm copper boost, or Copper and Red Tint Rinses for a more fiery finish.

Dark Walnut

Why We Love It

Brunette hair colours are always on trend, especially when they offer a fresh take on the classic look—and Dark Walnut makes a bold statement. This rich shade of brown features a soft sheen that shines in the light, making it a great choice for the sunny months ahead. Dark Walnut also adds a level of quiet elegance to your style that we see trending in fashion and beauty this year.

Woman with Dark Walnut hair.

Who It's Best For

Dark brown hair often works best on those with medium to dark skin complexions but can be customised to fit any skin tone. If you have cooler undertones, make sure to add a bit of warmth to this shade by incorporating golden or warm beige hues. If you have warmer undertones, you’ll want to add cool tones to your colour like ash pearl.

How to Get It & Keep It

If you have colour-treated brunette hair, ask your colourist to add pearl golden tones for a balanced natural brunette colour. For an ever-so-soft smokey violet tone, ask for ash pearl in your hair dye formula. 

Whether you’re a natural brunette or have colour-treated hair, adding Light Set for Medium to Dark Brunettes will also add a lighter dimension to your look.

Butter Blonde

Why We Love It

What’s not to love about butter? Just like the rich and creamy spread, Butter Blonde adds a bit of flavor to your look without going too light or too dark. Picture somewhere in between a yellow, ‘90s-inspired blonde and platinum blonde. Rather than harsh, icy tones, this hair colour leans more into a sandy shade with a soft, natural-looking finish. It hits all the right notes to be a total summer stunner.

Woman with Butter Blonde hair.

Who It's Best For

This trending hair colour idea is best for those with light to medium blonde hair with added highlights who are looking to get a warmer finish. This hair colour is also a great option for anyone who wants to lighten their darker blonde hair. While Butter Blonde can be customised to enhance your natural beauty, this shade often looks best on lighter skin tones with warm undertones.

How To Get It & Keep It

Whenever you want to make your hair colour lighter, the history of your hair will impact how far you light your can go so it’s important to speak to your colourist about what is possible to set your expectations. Brunettes can certainly achieve a Butter Blonde shade over time, but it may take several colour applications to get it exactly where you want. 

If you already have light to medium blonde hair, ask your colourist to add warm beige tones for a subtle glow. For a bold dash of warmth, ask for golden tones in your formula. For those with lighter to medium blonde bases who are not ready to step into the golden zone, cool beige is a great way to add minimal, controlled warmth. 

Whatever you decide, the key to achieving this look is to add highlights. Light Set is essential to punch up the lightness if your current blonde feels too dark and flat. To maintain this shade, apply Tint Rinse in Warm Beige for added depth. 

Colourist Tip: When caring for your blonde hair, moisture is vital to restore your strands and help your hair feel buttery soft. Consider adding our Weekly Retreat hair mask, Moisture Booster, or Repair Booster to your self care routine. Your hair will thank you :)

Feeling inspired to try one of these cool hair colour ideas? Ask your colourist to adjust your current custom shade or get started on your custom colour journey today. We can’t wait to help you step out in style this season with our Spring and Summer Hair Colour Trends!