Earth-Inspired Hair Colour Ideas

Go back to your roots with these nature-inspired hair colour trends.

With nature coming back to life, spring is the perfect time to revitalise your look and step out with a fresh new hair colour—and there’s no better inspiration than Mother Nature herself. From soft chestnut to rich terracotta, the world around us is filled with stunning hair colour ideas that flatter nearly every skin tone. To see our picks for the top earth-inspired hair colour trends to try this spring, read on.

Sunset Red

Inspired by the beauty of the evening sky, Sunset Red blends fiery copper with the soft glow of golden undertones for a breathtaking finish. And since no two sunsets are exactly the same, you have the power to make this shade your own by amping up or toning down the red until you reach your desired finish.

Woman with Sunset Red hair color and a sunset in the background.

Sandy Blonde

Bring your beachside vacation with you in this laidback shade of blonde. Sandy Blonde lives somewhere in between brunette and light blonde, making it approachable for an array of starting colours. This springtime hue is also more low maintenance than lighter shades of blonde so you can easily recreate this look at home.

Woman with Sandy Blonde hair color and a beach in the background.

Burnt Sienna

Rich and earthy, Burnt Sienna weaves together brunette and auburn colours with copper accent tones for an inviting finish. It’s a look that is both sophisticated and vibrant, making it a trending hair colour for the spring season and beyond. This orangey-red hue can be adapted to fit your exact complexion while embracing the boldness of this unapologetic shade.

Woman with Burnt Sienna hair color and wet clay in the background.

Mushroom Brown

Drawing inspiration from the humble mushroom, this look exudes quiet luxury. There’s a soft richness to it that is achieved by blending ashy tones with light brunette, resulting in a matte yet dimensional hair colour. It offers a natural-looking finish that suits nearly any skin tone and style sensibility.

Woman with Mushroom Brown hair color and a mushroom in the background.

Feeling inspired? To get one of these earthy hair colour ideas at home, start your custom colour profile today or connect with your colourist to adjust your shade.